Hollywood Run, LLC

Hollywood Run

Hollywood Run is a game that pits the user against their friends in a contest to guess which films will have the highest box office receipts the following weekend. Real prizes are awarded as the user accumulates points.


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Visit KC

Kansas City BBQ Experience App

The Kansas City BBQ app was developed to help promote Kansas City's BBQ restaraunts. Location services are used to display nearby restaurants. Users can check-in, leave comments, upload photographs and earn virtual badges.


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Open Spaces - Kansas City Arts Experience

The Open Spaces app supported a Kansas City Arts Festival that included visual and performing arts throughout the city during the summer of 2018. The user could browse listed artists and exhibits bookmarking exhibits they wished to see.


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Arysta LifeScience

Arysta LifeScience App

The Arysta LifeSciences app is a consumer oriented collection of 37 products from the company's portfolio of agricultural chemicals. The app contains many user-interactions, animations, and video including video/real-time drawing interactions.

UX/UI, Application Architecture, Development,
App Store Distribution

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Temprid App

The Temprid app is a B2B, native iOS app describing and quantifying the long-terms savings of using the insecticide, Temprid, as opposed to generic competitors. A number of code-based and video animations appear throughout the content, helping to display the benefits of the product. The Temprid Difference calculator uses a wizard interface to break down specific cost savings and can generate a nicely formatted PDF of the results which can be emailed to the user.

Application Architecture, Development, Video Editing, Animation Art, App Store Distribution

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Energy Rebates App

The BEER app is a B2B enterprise app promoting the power company's Business Energy Efficiency Program. This hybrid HTML5/iOS app displays savings calculators with on-the-fly PDF generation, allowing the user to send personalized documents to users via email. The Google Analytics framework is used for tracking.

Design, Application Architecture, Development, Photo editing, Enterprise Distribution

Smart Home Hub

The Smart Home Hub is a personal app monitoring and running routines for a proprietary set of smart home sensors and devices. The sensors were developed using a variety of microcontrollers, servos and relays, and connect to the home network via ethernet and wifi. This is an ongoing project with new devices being regularly added. An upcoming release will include Amazon Echo integration.

Design, Application Architecture, Development, Hardware Design & Construction

Sideshow Slideshow App

The Slideshow Slideshow is a personal app highlighting the career and lives of popular nineteenth century sideshow performers. The photographs can be flipped and enlarged to show more detail. A few paragraphs for each is available, for additional historical details. The app is available in both iPad and iPhone formats. There exists an accompanying
website, sideshowslideshow.com.

Concept, Design, Photography, Research, Writing/Editing, Application Architecture, Development, App Store Distribution

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Fav Things Beacon Tracking App

The Fav Things mobile app was developed to tag important items with a beacon, monitor their location and notify the user, in real time, if the user leaves an item behind. Also included was an extension for the Apple Watch. Items are tracked using Low-Energy Bluetooth Estimote beacons and geo-fencing with GPS.

Concept, Design, Application Architecture, Development, Apple Watch Extension, Distribution